The project «Face to face» in branch of cranial — obverse surgery  in All-Russian Children’s Clinical Hospital of Ministry of Health in Moscow.


The Russian Federation High qualification and wide experience of the medical personnel and experts of Department for Craniofacial surgery  in cooperation with collective of experts of various Departments of ARCCH allows to reveal difficult pathologies and to find correct methods of treatment, and also successfully to treat the aesthetic deviations caused by pathologies of development of pregnancy or got in connection with traumas. Modern technological possibilities and the clinic equipment allow to carry out exact diagnostics and to perform hi-tech surgical procedures at much earlier age, thereby without breaking natural dynamics of development of the child. At presence at children of congenital deformations of craniofacial area only at 15-20 % of children the true delay of psychomotor development connected with organic damage of brain comes to light. In other cases backlog of children who are brought up in orphanage, it is caused infringement of an emotional condition of the child – stresses, deprivation of dialogue, personal attention, aggression from outside the tutors, insufficient leaving, and the main thing deprivation of individual parental attention. In most cases carrying out of surgical treatment with use of modern techniques and technologies can return to the child appearance which will allow it to adapt with hardly any trouble at all in a society, to get education, to work and establish the family.    

Monthly in ARCCH addresses about 20 children with various inborn anomalies of the face and skull, and also the got deformations of this area. Approximately same number of references arrives by mail and in the form of phone calls from various regions of the country. Thus, for the special surgical help in ARCCH addresses about 350-400 children in a year. To this number it is necessary to add almost same quantity of children for which carrying out of stationary regenerative treatment is necessary. In during 2008 year was operated on 495 children from 76 regions of Russia with various diseases of cranial-maxillofacial area, including cleft lip and palate, various forms frontonasal displasia, including orbital hypertelorism, median facial cleft, frontonasal encephalocele, various kinds of craniosynostosis, hemifacial microsomies, deformation of the jaw, TMJ ankylosis, malignant tumours of a head and a neck, scars of the face. The 23 kids who have received the help in Department of CMFS, are pupils of orphanages. Five from them after the spent treatment have found a new family.

In Department is spent not only surgical treatment, but also complex rehabilitation (stomatologic, orthodontic, and logopedic). As it was already told, in most cases (approximately 85 % of children) with congenital developmental anomalies of craniofacial area in mental development do not differ from contemporaries. Carrying out of treatment with use of innovative technologies allows to spend full  rehabilitation of these children, considerably to lower quantity of children-invalids.Last years in craniofacial surgery wide application was found by a method of distraction osteogenesis. The distraction devices are applied to correction of deformations of the calvarium, the midface zone and the  jaw. In the ARCCH in during 2009 year was spent about 20 surgical procedures with use of distraction devices of various designs.

By reconstruction of a skull concerning various kinds of craniosynostosis (congenital disorders of a skull) to use of rigid fixing of the moved bone fragments is necessary. Until recently titanic miniplates and miniscrews were for this purpose used. However to exclude developments of variety of complications performance of repeated surgeries for removal of these fixing systems is necessary. The modern decision of this problem is use resorbable fixing plates and screws. In a year in CMFS Department it is carried out about 50 interventions demanding application of these materials.

By results of the work, for the help to children who have suffered in act of terrorism 1-4th September to the head of Department and ARCCH the government of Ossetia expressed special gratitude. Repeatedly the CMFS Department has been awarded awards «Healthy childhood» and ranks of «the best surgical Department» by fund «The Generation». The main aim of project «Face to face» is publications and distribution of the information, the parents directed on informing, and also experts about possibilities of treatment in the CMFS Depart. Of the ARCCH.

The telemedical centre.

In the Russian children’s clinical hospital since July, 2005 the telemedical centre (TMC), which basic purpose — carrying out of remote consultations of children with profile diseases for hospital works. Happen rare diagnostic hard cases when in regions consultations of colleagues are necessary for doctors, and to pay expensive trips to capital from the Russian remote places sometimes not under force to parents. In such cases is using a telemedicine. Thanks to telemedicine possibilities there is a reality an updating of the diagnosis and reception of recommendations of doctors on distance. Today children from different corners of Russia have unique possibility, without leaving the region, to receive professional medical consultation of the most experienced pediatrists and surgeons of leading children’s clinic of Russia. Telemedical consultations are spent free of charge, the consulting party pays only for long-distance connection. It is very convenient, as frequently such consultations it appears enough, and the help can be quite rendered on places, attending physicians receive the highly professional help and support of ARCCH experts. During video-consultation the advising party can observe the child in a mode of real time, look pictures, directly communicate with several experts of the consulting party. Such consultations became possible thanks to systems of a video conferencing which the Russian children’s clinical hospital has, the telemedicine centres have development in regions thanks to federal programs, progressive sights of a management of regional and regional hospitals more and more.

Association of children’s hospitals.

The association of children’s hospitals (CHA) was established in 2000 year. The purpose of creation CHA is coordination of the work of children’s stationary medical institutions, an exchange of experience. It is the public noncommercial organisation. Annually CHA holds meetings of head physicians of city, regional, republican children’s hospitals in different regions of the Russian Federation — Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Kazan, Ulyanovsk, Rostov-on-Don, and in 2006 year — in Irkutsk, for the purpose of studying of an advanced experience of medical institutions. Meetings are spent in the most advanced children’s medical institutions. At conferences results of work of republican, regional, regional children’s hospitals for the last year, questions of perfection of the monitoring system of quality of rendering of medical aid to children, legal aspects of activity of children’s hospitals, rendering of highly technological special medical aid to children, rendering of paid medical aid, other questions of daily activity are considered. Under the aegis of Association the magazine «Children’s hospital» is issued, annual reports on work of the regional, republican children’s hospitals are published, dispatched in all children’s hospitals and public health services departments is free. Founders and founders of Association of children’s hospitals are republican, regional, regional children’s hospitals. The association is opened for the introduction of new members – children’s hospitals. The supreme body of management of Association is Conference of participants of Association. Each participant represents on Conference no more than two persons. In the periods between Conferences by Association activity the Board selected Conference of participants for term four years and consisting of eight persons supervises. The Board structure includes head physicians of children’s hospitals from participants of Association. The management of Association current affairs is carried out by the Chairman of Board of the Association, selected on Conference of representatives of participants by voting by show of hands for the term of 4 years.

Thus, project activity «Face to face» uses all resources and technical possibilities of ARCCH and welfare fund «Lifework», closely co-operating with Regional public welfare fund of the help to seriously ill patients and wretched children at ARCCH and is directed on preventive maintenance of refusals of children with similar deviations and defects across all Russia, granting of possibilities for diagnostics and treatment which, finally, will help to provide to children a high-grade life and to reduce quantity of invalids in Russia.

The Charity.

Frequently even inspections and diagnostics, which carrying out demands expensive preparations and account materials, cannot be in full paid at the expense of government programs. Some operations concern the category hi-tech which carrying out also is expensive. In this connection, children not always can pass timely treatment, or the turn on government programs are compelled by years to wait, wasting precious time and chances of recover.

Especially depressing position of children who are on the state maintenance – such children can receive the necessary help only at the expense of the state grants, or charitable payments. Average cost of a set for treatment of one child is 600 000 roubles. In some cases application external distraction device (RED-system) is necessary. Its cost makes 670 000 roubles. In a reserve there should be 3-4 devices. Average cost of a set of biodegraded plates and screws for one patient is 280000 roubles.

Now volunteers of the project «Face to Face» and fund at hospital conduct regular lessons with children in Department – hand-made articles, applications, drawing help children to receive huge pleasure from comprehension of own possibilities, and simply to distract from almost infinite hospital everyday life – some children spend in branch before half a year. In hospital children with the most difficult diagnoses from all Russia, frequently, are flown down. In Department the clinical psychologist who helps not only to children got to a difficult situation, but also to their parents conducts consultations.

Children are visited regularly by the doctor the Clown with the command that considerably raises a stock of vital forces and gives to children an optimism charge, so important for recover.

Work with mass media is conducted, a number of articles and interview to specialists of Department on special medical and family sites prepare for the publication, and also search of financing for purchase of necessary account materials and the equipment is conducted.

The project «Face to face» addresses for the financial, physical and psychological help to all not indifferent to destinies of children.

How to help?

Charity Foundation for children «Lifework» , благотворительный фонд помощи детям «Дело Жизни» (БФ «Дело Жизни»)
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